The Ideal of Off The Grid Living

Land with a ruin

The ideal property for off the grid living is a have a house or cabin or yurt or caravan on a reasonable size plot of land that you own free and clear of any loans.

This is, of course not possible for everyone and may not even be what you want or need but if it is you need to consider quite a few variables.

First is location. What country do you want to live in? Which district is best? What is the climate like there? Is the legal system good? Are property rights solid? Do you speak the language? Are you allowed to do the things you want to do without endless bureaucracy (the curse of the modern world).

Second is cost. Can you afford the price of the property? What fees are you going to incur? What are the taxes on the land and on your earnings?

Third are the property specifics. Land size will depend on budget and your own requirements. Which way does the land face? What is access like? Are you too close or too far from neighbours and services? Is the soil good? Is there water available? Is there a house or permission to build one?

There are a lot of other possible variables in addition to these and will often depend on your own situation. Clearly if you have a lot of money to invest life is easier. It’s much simpler to be able to simply buy a ready made small holding or farm and just move in. Life is much harder if you have more fragile finances. It can still be done however. There are many places where you can buy 1 to 10 acres of land with a ruin for under £5000. Some states of America, parts of Spain, Bulgaria and many more can offer incredibly cheap property. Usually there is a reason for the low cost however and you need to do your research before you spend your money. This website is the place to start. I will be posting many articles about different countries, what to look for in a property, how to avoid being scammed and much more. Check back regularly.

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The Off Gridder