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Why You Have to Go Off Grid

You are being robbed. You probably don’t even realise it. It’s not a mugging or a burglary. No hooded thug is waiting to steal your iphone or laptop. You won’t be ringing your insurance company to get them to buy you a new tv.

No it’s a more insidious and well organised plan to enrich the ruling class and impoverish us. I have evidence to prove my assertion and it may be one of the most important reasons why we should all disengage with the mainstream political and economic systems and go off grid to the greatest degree we each can manage.

Firstly inflation. It is not a by-product of the free markets. In fact, as I shall show, things almost always get cheaper if they are not taxed or regulated by governments. Inflation is a creation of government and their crony banks.

Inflation put simply is the increase of the money supply over and above the increase in productivity.

This is done by banks creating money. It’s a complicated subject and I recommend the video I have added to this post, watch it and the part 2 as well if you want to see the reality of the banking system.

Inflation serves to enrich those closest to the money printing i.e government and banks. The money flows through them to favoured businesses and donors, then eventually trickles down to us to leave us poorer every year than the last.

I’ve done a quick and dirty chart to demonstrate what I mean by comparing the 1970 price of gold and other items with the 2016 prices. I use UK prices because that’s were I live and whilst the figures may differ in other countries the trend is the same. These are prices I have pulled off the internet and represent either what I think is a reasonable average price, or government issued figures (for house prices and average wages). Next to each price I have put a column showing how much or how little you could buy of each item with an ounce of gold and a column showing how much or little a weeks wage would buy you. Read it and weep.


In every category things have got cheaper when priced in gold. You could buy 162 loaves of bread for an ounce of gold in 1970, now you could buy 1034. A massive drop in price. In 1970 you could get 0.002 of a house, now you could get more than double at 0.0049.

Things are not as rosy when compared to a weeks wage. !970 you’d get 355 loaves for a weeks wage and 2016 530- not nearly as good as gold. Beer is slightly worse- 160 then 151 now. Things get worse for cars and catastrophically worse for cigarettes and houses. A weeks wage only buys you slightly more than one third of the amounts of bricks and mortar it did 46 years ago. Since a house is the largest purchase most people ever make this means it’s bad. You are either paying three times as much of your earnings for a mortgage or three times as long.

Now check out how much gold you’d have received in 1970 for 5 days labour. 2.2 ounces per week (=£32), every week.

If the £ had kept up with gold you’d now get £2274.80 every single week. What you actually get is £530. 23% of what you should get if things had stayed relative. Put another way you were actually more than 4 times richer in 1970 as you are now. It may not seem that way with all our electronic toys and credit bought BMWs but we are much poorer.

Why are there not riots in the street? First not many people realise they are being robbed. They don’t remember or weren’t born. In 1970 there just weren’t the gadgets to buy so it would be harder to judge even if you did remember it.

Second lots of free market goods have actually got much cheaper so that masks the decline in wages. It’s only in heavily government manipulated markets like alcohol, tobacco and housing that things become clearer.

There are several reasons for the decline in wages.

-Massive government regulation makes us all poorer despite the handouts governments use to buy votes.

-Massive government overspending and borrowing wrecks the pounds value.

-Money printing by government and banks wrecks it even more.

-Market manipulation as in the housing markets enriches banks through interest on mortgages and impoverishes the rest of us.

So what can we do about this enormous crime? Go off grid. I don’t mean just buy some land in the hills and go green although I certainly recommend it. I mean disconnect with the criminal banks and the thieving government as much as you can. There are lots of ways to do this.

1. Don’t vote except in Brexit type situations where the choice is for or against the establishment not a choice between two or more political lowlifes. This robs them of legitimacy which they need to keep the charade going.

2. Try and grow your own food or buy local- preferably from markets where you pay no tax. (yes there are stealth taxes on food even in Britain where they pretend there isn’t)

3. Use the black economy (the free market) to avoid taxes. Every pound the government doesn’t get is a pound that doesn’t pay bribes or start wars.

4. Use Bitcoin to get out of the central bank system. The fewer that use fiat currency the harder it is for the ruling class to control us and you’ll save a lot of money if you do international transfers.

5. Generate your own power. You can use any government subsidies as long as you make a profit out of it. That means less money for bribes and wars. Alternatively disconnect from the grid altogether.

6. Buy gold or silver and keep it away from banks. When they have another banking crisis they’ll steal everything they can get hold of. Remember they are criminals.

7. Resist government in passive ways. Never respond to a first letter from officialdom. Make them send another. It all acts as grit in the gears of government. One person does it no big deal, 5 million and it’s chaos. Argue and complain at every opportunity. Send Freedom of Information requests for anything you can think of. Make them squirm.

8. Pay government bills in cash. They hate it and it costs them more.

9. Encrypt your emails. That makes more work for the spies that seek to record everything. Even better send totally meaningless but still encrypted emails Giving them pointless work is great.

10. Try not to use any big business if you can avoid it. All big businesses are owned by our rulers and all profits go to them.

11. Do not listen or watch the main stream media. If they say it- it’s a lie.

12. Recognise the reality of the world. It isn’t as they want you to believe it is. Wake up and read something that’s politically incorrect. Something you’ve never read before. Try Murray Rothbard or Ludwig Von Mises for starters. Find out what Austrian Economics is. Subscribe to or just watch their videos on You Tube.

I’m sure you can think of other things. Good, do it. Resist them. Work around them and make them impotent and powerless. When they have no power they cannot subvert laws. When the mass media has no audience their lies have no effect. They already fear us, we must ensure they have good reason.

Regards from Anarcho