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Why have a worm farm?


Many people have already fallen in love with the idea of helping the planet by recycling. This is an old idea that has been around for many years. But did you know there is a different way to recycle that can benefit the environment and your wallet at the same time? Today we are going to learn how everyone can benefit from starting a worm farm, even if they live in an apartment.

What Is Worm Farming?

When you recycle by composting with worms you are not only getting rid of old newspapers or food scraps, you are creating organic compost that can be used to fertilize your plants. One of the best parts of owning a warm farm is that can start out very small. A small worm farm can be set up in even the tiniest of apartments. All you need is a small container to put your worms in and a nice cool place to keep them. It can be a kitchen counter top or a small closet.

The Benefits of Worm Farming

Below you will find eight of the top benefits of owning a wormery. These benefits are wide ranging and they offer something for everyone no matter the size of their worm farm.
1. Worm farms can be small or very big depending on your needs: As stated above a wormery can as small as a large shoebox or as big as an entire building. Depending on your needs you can scale your worm farm to any size necessary.
2. They produce organic compost: Worm farms produce chemical-free compost that is 100% organic. This compost works great on just about any plant and it will help your garden grow healthy and strong all season long.
3. A wormery can make you money: If you have a medium to large sized wormery, you can make money selling organic compost, fish bait and worm tea (a compost made from worm castings). This will allow you to be more economically sound and it cost very little to get started.
4. They are super low maintenance: Smaller worm farms only take a few minutes each day to take care of. So even if you are a super busy person, you can still find time to have your very own wormery.
5. They are great for kids: Small children are very fascinated with the natural world and a worm farm can teach them a lot. The classroom is the perfect place to start a worm farm to teach school-aged children to learn about composting and the soil conservation.
6. You won’t need to buy fertilizer: Owning a wormery will give you all the fertilizer you will ever need for your plants. As any gardener knows organic fertilizers can be very expensive to buy so having a worm farm can save you lots of money.
7. They produce no bad odours: Unlike a traditional compost pile, that gives off rotting odours, a worm farm is orderless. This will allow you to keep a wormery in your home without anyone noticing.
8. Worm farms help reduce global worming: Instead of allowing your food waste to be placed in the local landfill, why not feed it to the worms. Worm farms give off no greenhouse gasses which helps reduce your carbon footprint.

If we’ve convinced you that you need a wormery there are a host of helpful courses and ebooks to help you. Here are three I like.

How To Make A Worm Farm

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Why Keep Chickens?

Chicken_CoopKeeping chickens in your back yard is a trend that has been rising steadily for quite a few years and you can easily see why. Fresh eggs are first on the list but chickens are actually more useful and interesting than that. Lets take a look learn more about these interesting creatures.
Self-sustainability to free therapy are just some of the reasons below to keep chickens in your own backyard:
Fresh Eggs
Fresh eggs…perfect in the morning when you can’t be bothered changing and dragging yourself to the shop to buy eggs. A healthy and fresh breakfast straight out of your yard.
A diet of soy cottonseed meals and corn is fed to caged hens – three GMO crops we don’t want in our food. If “you are what you eat” means something to you, then you will be very wary of eating eggs coming from these types of hens. With your own chickens, you will know exactly what they are eating.
Eggs from a free range chicken in your backyard have much more nutritious than battery eggs.
Vitamin A and Beta Carotene (essential for good eyesight) levels are seven times higher and Vitamin E is almost double in free range eggs. Omega 3, an essential fatty acid (necessary for healthy cholesterol, heart and mental and behavioural health), free range comes out in front with a huge 292mg,compared to a miserable 0.033 mg in other eggs.
Cruelty Free
Nutritious and organic, you can be sure that your scrambled eggs are cruelty free. It is possible that you already believe that by buying free range, you are supporting a life free from cruelty for farmed chickens but the fact is the “free range eggs” that are commercially marketed are not as good as we think. The percentage of free range chickens in the US is less than 1%.
Chickens have an amazing memory and are able to tell the difference of over 100 animal or human faces? They feel pain and distress, they dream, and they love to play. They are fantastic mothers-while theirs chicks are in the egg, they talk to them. When we hear the saying “Pecking Order’ you should know it didn’t come about for no reason. Hens have a social structure which is based on hierarchy.
Save a Hen
Save an ex-battery hen from the slaughterhouse. There are hundreds of millions of chickens which are crammed into cages which are incredibly small. Give them a chance and you will have a fantastic companion as well as an endless supply of free range eggs.
Fertilizer for Free
If you’re proud of your garden, then free manure is something to celebrate. Chicken manure has high nutrient levels making it one of the best manures. It is also important in organic and sustainable agriculture.
It is said that keeping 5 – 10 chickens would give you the amount fertilizer that you need to look after your yard and vegetable garden for a year. It makes a perfect addition to your compost too.
How You Can Use Eggshells In Your Garden
Pest Control
The perfect buddy for every gardener. No need for pesticides or chemical bug killers once you get your backyard chickens! Chickens eat almost any bug, slugs, grasshoppers, beetles and ticks so no more chemical pest control is needed.
Food Waste
17% or 29 million tons of waste that finds it’s way to landfills is food scraps, waste from the yards is actually around 33 million tonnes. Chickens will be a great help here!
Chickens will eat almost any kitchen scraps in addition to chicken food. They will devour almost anything from bread, vegetable and fruit scraps and cooked rice just to name a few. Best to avoid animal by products and meat though.
Heritage Breeds
Not all chickens are created equal and not all are any use as meat, some are bred to get the maximum eggs possible. This means chickens look much different from their forefathers.
If you take on a heritage breed be sure to get the right one for your based on your location, space and their temperament.
Controlling Weeds
The perfect source of manure and pest control all at once, your garden will no longer have weeds taking over.
Recommended Reading: Garden Weeds: 8 Of The Most Effect Ways To Get Rid Of Them For Good
Chickens have been used as therapy to assist the elderly and people with autism. Children with autism feed and care for them which promotes independence. Dementia and psychiatric patients have been helped as chickens move, peck and socialize constantly, and they have a calming quality.
Where Does Food Come From
Fantastic for teaching kids about agriculture, nature and caring for not just these beautiful animals but for all animals.
Watching these lovely animals with such individual personalities can keep you occupied for hours.
Less Food Miles
Keeping your own chickens cuts this impact on the environment right down. No transporting from producer to consumer.
Keeping chickens ensures free eggs, keeping away pests and weed control and fertilizer.
Country Life
With chickens in your yard you can add a little bit of country to your home.
Backyard Chicken Raiser Communities
There are loads of backyard chicken raisers out there in real life and on the internet. Chicken keeping is great for starting conversations too.
An Amazing Hobby
Low maintenance and rewarding as a hobby. Sunday afternoons spent with your chicks….perfect.
Don’t Build The Chicken Coop Yet
Chickens are dependent on you for everything. Ask yourself a few questions to be sure that you can adequately care for these lovely animals.
Can you protect them from predators? What about the elements?
Will you care from them in their old age?
What if it isn’t a hen but a rooster? Are you OK with a rooster crowing at the crack of dawn?
You will need to look at the cost of food, hen-sitting-if you go away or are ill.
All these things need to be taken into account before you decide to take on backyard chickens. They are beautiful creatures who need to be loved and cared for properly.

If you decide you want to keep chickens I thoroughly recommend “Chicken Keeping Answers”.

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